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Executive Summary Xtreme Labs Inc. ENT526 Elevator Pitch Most businesses these days require functional and user friendly technologies that increase awareness, presence and usability. But in order to have this, the software must first be created which would require costs and resources that most mid to small sized companies do not have. Fortunately, instead of creating the software in-house it can be outsourced. Xtreme Labs Inc. has a proven track record and provides one with solutions to creating and developing mobile applications, which are tailored to meet your needs. Overview Xtreme Labs Inc. is a mobile solutions company that works on helping companies execute their mobile strategy. They are based in downtown Toronto with employees numbering just over 125 in 2011. Also to note, they were ranked 22 out of 50 hot companies in 2010 by Profit Magazine. (Profit Magazine, 2012) In addition, the company had just 7 employees during 2007. (Xtreme Labs, 2011). This goes to show that the business was immensely successful during the span of three years by creating a suboptimal solution. Furthermore, the revenue for the company in 2009 was just over 3 million dollars which was a growth rate of over 380% from 2007. (Profit Magazine, 2012) This seems quite understandable due to the rate at which the mobile sector and technologies have been increasing with the recent introduction of tablets in the last few years. Industry Size/Structure The development of mobile apps within its industry is relatively new. With the introduction of the era of smart phones the first most notable one being the iPhone in 2007. Traditionally programmers would deal with creating programs using native languages. But now with the introduction of new software, web applications have been more applicable and can be applied to

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