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LOGO / Name Take It Off. Keep It Off. Business Plan Executive Summary DRAFT 2 June 11, 2004 version 1.2 Copy #: ____________ Name: _____________ The information contained in this executive summary is confidential and intended solely for the person whom it is transferred, as specified above. Any reproduction of this Executive Summary or divulgence of its contents, without prior written consent of Ignite Venture Partners LLC, is prohibited. Executive Summary (IN GENERAL FURTHER DISCUSSION ON: FINANCIALS, TECHNOLOGY COMP. ADV, DISCUSSION OF TARGET CONSUMER & USER EXPERIENCE, PLAN TO SECURE PARTNERS, EXIT STRATEGY, RISK AREAS) The statistics are staggering. Despite a spending spree of over $90 billion on weight loss weight management products and services, the US population is as overweight and unhealthy as ever. In fact, for the first time in history, today’s children will have a life expectancy that is shorter than that of their parents. Why is all of this spending on weight loss products not only devoid of results, but in fact resulting in a negative correlation to our (weight) health? Much of the problem stems from the fragmented nature of the weight loss industry and the constant proliferation and marketing of “quick” or confusing weight loss schemes and programs through various media channels. However, there is no single place (retail) to go for the combination of broad choice (or full array from A to Z (atkins to zone)) and one-on-one coaching as to the most appropriate weight loss program for you. Company Overview & Competitive Advantage WLC was conceptualized and is majority-owned by Ignite Venture Partners LLC (IVP), a virtual business incubator focused on the wellness and social networking sectors. IVP is owned and managed by its founders, Landon Pollack and Rob Taylor, who serve on the WLC Board of Directors. In

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