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What is an Executive Summary An executive summary is a short, but comprehensive summary of your entire report (i.e., a condensed version of the report). In it you will provide a “story” for the reader which will then assist that reader in deciding if s/he wants to read the report or any part contained in it. In actual business, this is often the only part of a report which gets read; sometimes particular sections are read later if the executive wants some more detail. Think of it like an outline with some more substance added. You want to give the reader enough information that s/he knows exactly what the report contains and why it is significant. It should make sense on its own (i.e., the reader should have a good understanding of what the report contains without actually reading the report). In your report, you will not be providing any recommendations (as most reports would do in the business world), but you should make an overall comment about the strength/weakness of the company based on your research (i.e., all the elements of the report). This section is written AFTER all the sections are completed. It is OK to use bulleted points, but ensure you have explained the points (don’t just list a bunch of items) and that they are significant to the determining of the company’s overall strength/weakness. Note: do not worry about how long this section becomes. Since your report is quite large, it would be normal to have an executive summary running several pages long. Make sure the executive summary starts on a new pager (right after the title page) and does not contain any other section at the end of it (i.e., when you are finished the executive summary, you should advance to a new page before beginning the body of your report). It is your choice to use whatever amount of line spacing you wish (i.e., single, 1.5, double – all are

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