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Executive Summary Harvey Finley, as self-made man, hired Cathy as a receptionist for his start up company 7 years ago. Harvey gave Cathy a lot of responsibility, which she took as a learning curve. Cathy didn’t miss a chance to exceed Harvey’s expectations and always was an example of an above and beyond achiever. Cathy became a computer expert, a sales person, and a receptionist, all at once. Harvey has noticed something startling and is in quite the predicament. He has noticed that Cathy, his receptionist, is making $128,000 in the current year, more than double the amount of other sales people. This figure is a shock to Harvey because there are other hardworking individuals who are only generating $60,000. Harvey doesn’t want to loose Cathy, but is willing to negotiate an understanding of her position. In the event that Cathy was offered a better paying position with another firm, Harvey would be able to evaluate her for the time she was working for him to determine if she is worth the difference in salary. Instead, Harvey can offer her more upfront in salary. An individual that enjoys their job will not depart the company for a few thousand dollars less. Harvey can be true to her and make a counter offer in hopes that she would accept and stay. Another important thing to keep in mind is as an owner; Harvey’s main concern is to keep his business running. Another concern is he must increase the company’s profit each year. The problems Harvey is facing with his company is that he is paying his receptionist more than double the amount being paid to highest paid managers. Managers as well as other employees not knowing Cathy’s hiring benefits will demand a raise. A potential positive impact would be that other employees will see this as being a hard worker and sticking through the highs and lows of a business really pays off. This may motivate other employees to be

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