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Executive summary This paper will describe us about an organization to make the recommendation for implementing a certain product, service, or the program. In IT industry, the program is nothing but the set of instructions. The program implementation can be defined as an application that can be realized, idea, execution of the plan, specification, standard, design, model, and policy. Some of the recommendations were made for the program implementation in a particular organisation of IT industry and that will help the programs to find the errors and good results. The recommendations for implementing a program will help the consumers for buying a good products or programs. One of the most important recommendations with the programs of IT industry is to have high secure and safety programs. The main thing is confidentiality should be maintained. The methods used in an IT industry for implementing a certain program may include the following methods like formal methods and evaluation of R&D methods. These methods used in this paper may help in the IT industry. The new findings with the implementation of a program will get attracted to the customers with the feel of user friendliness. The analysis was nothing but for analysing the programs of an IT organisation. The consumers will buy a program or product which has high security and confidentiality. The other important thing with the program was nothing but the program should be user friendly. The particular organisation should be able to reach the customer needs. This helps to improve the services in future, targeting the audiences, the clients knowledge, and present programs were understood. Introduction The implementation of program can be defined as a program or the technical specification realisation, software component, or may be other systems through computer programming and the deployment. Often the

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