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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Statistics for stepfamilies are increasing every day. Research shows that about half of 60 million children under the age of 13 are living with one biological parent and one stepparent. According to a researcher named Bliss, one out of two marriages end in divorce. Research shows that stepparents should think of their role as an adult-in-charge. Most children especially young children look at a stepparent that way because they do not see you as a replacement to their biological mother or father, as should the stepparent. There are no ex-parents, only ex-spouses. Step relationships should not be rushed. Young children are sometimes scared to accept a stepparent into their lives because they feel that they might upset their mother or father. As a stepparent, you should make sure that homework is complete and any chores that need to be done to be accomplished. You should make sure the children feel comfortable enough with you to ask questions. Act as a mentor or role model for your stepchildren. If the children do something wrong, it should be left to the biological parent to take care of. Stepparents should not be responsible for punishment for many reasons. Children trust their biological parents so if they are told something by them, they’re more likely to follow their rules. Stepparents have to earn the child’s trust. Gaining a child’s trust can take a very long time, if ever. Smaller children seem to be a little easier to deal with than older children though. So with that, stepparents should never be placed in the direct disciplinary role. This research shows that something needs to be done about the statistics of stepfamilies. The price of getting married is far from the price of getting a divorce. The government needs to make some changes in this area. Perhaps people should have to pay the amount it would be to get

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