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Executive Summary The Research Report is an integrated project developed in parts by learning team B. The team acquired data that analyzes on why SAT scores have changed over time and what the score results are telling us today. The research focuses on analysis of the differences between two years, 2005 and 2011, by focusing on the individual state of North Carolina. In addition, a comparison of SAT scores by state is used as a tool for useful information. The problem statement reviews the data and frames the problem in a way that the available information can be used to explain the result. The background of the evaluation allows for the explanation of its environment and discovers problem, resolution with conclusion. Furthermore, the research question is answered at the completion of the research. Problem Statement The problem is that it is unknown if the decline in SAT scores from 2005 to 2011 is due to more participants taking the test and compared to other States in America. Summary of Methodology The research method used for this study was descriptive quantitative. The method is a formal, objective, systematic process in which numerical data is used to obtain data of the decline in SAT scores. The literature findings were obtained from the North Carolina 2005 SAT Report and the North Carolina 2011 SAT Report and are categorized in three parts; reading, mathematics, and writing. Another method of research used was qualitative research, but could not be used over the quantitative research because qualitative research measures only a classified into one group of categories such as gender or religious affiliations. Summary of Results The measurements indicate the higher the population of test-takers, the lower the average SAT scores in each state. Also the more the population of test-takers grows the greater chance of the pool of

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