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Executive Summary MobileCord provides enterprises with a software platform for unified mobile delivery of email, voice mail and messaging. MobileCord’s software enables the enterprise to deliver employees’ most important communication channels on any Palm, Windows CE, or RIM devices. MobileCord’s value proposition is in the increased productivity of an enterprise’s employees and the increased manageability of multiple devices as well as the communication channels connected to these mobile devices. MobileCord’s strength derives from the high quality Research and Development. Because of the prestigious development team, MobileCord 1.0 has been well received by IT department of the enterprises. In addition, MobileCord 2.0 is planned to be released in Q1 of 2002, providing functionality for Convergent devices. Moreover, the continued development of high quality software is an important part of the increased sales going forward. We are continuing to execute on our business model to maintain its competitiveness. First, we keep improving market strategy. MobileCord will maintain current Strategic relationship which is beneficial. We also plan on working with IT service firms. Second, we analyze market competition constantly and adjust to it. Our solution is more robust and handles all communication channels of email, instant messaging and voice mail unlike our competitors, who focus on one area. Also, the additional competition from in-house IT Departments solutions are not addressing an enterprise’s entire mobile user base within a solution that can be easily maintained. Third, we have an advantageous revenue model. In addition to a modest perpetual licensing fee, MobileCord charges a user subscription fee for its software. These recurring fees give MobileCord significant revenue visibility going into future quarters, making financial results

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