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Executive Summary This report entails recommendations that will ensure FedEx recovery and back on the road to success. Research and conclusion extracted from the mail market form the basis of my recommendations. These recommendations will foster FedEx operational success as they continue to recover and plan ahead for the future. It is very crucial that FedEx adhere to its mission statement, which is to strive to develop rewarding relationships with its employees, partners and suppliers, while providing superior financial returns for its stakeholders. FedEx should also try to strengthen its entire operations by stronger communication, which will help employees, meet customers demand. It is also to be noted that FedEx mission embodies their philosophies, goals and ambitions and without following their mission they are not on the road to success, because they are doing what they set out to do. FedEx should also invest in its employees, by providing adequate training and support for the employees to accomplish their assign task. The leaders at FedEx should also reflect upon their chain of communication, decision making and performance review procedures to ensure clarity, transparency, and productivity. Market Analysis The United States online retail market is the biggest (Data Monitor, 2010). Of the 134.9 billion dollars in total revenue generated, sales from books, music and games made up 8.7% of that total amount (Data Monitor, 2010). The gaming industry continues to grow even though we are going through a recession. Combine that with the reduced barrier to entry/ trade, improved security due to regulations, and the convenience of the online buying process and the numbers of online buyers is projected to increase (Data Monitor, 2010). There are a combination of the traditional retail stores, such as GameStop and online shopping venues (Cuddeford-Jones,

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