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PepsiCo's executive compensation programs are designed to enable it to recruit, retain and motivate a large group of talented and diverse domestic and international executives. This is essential for PepsiCo to achieve its challenging worldwide performance objectives and to continue to achieve outstanding shareholder returns. As a result, the Committee has determined that executive compensation opportunities, including those for PepsiCo's Chief Executive Officer ("CEO"), should create incentives for superior performance and consequences for below target performance. The Compensation Committee annually examines short-term and long-term compensation levels for the CEO and other senior executives against a survey of the compensation practices of a group of leading consumer product companies. This review is validated against surveys of the compensation practices of a broader range of major companies, including the Fortune 50. Together these companies are referred to as the "survey companies." These reviews also compare PepsiCo's short and long-term results with the performance of the survey companies, to ensure a pay for performance linkage. The survey companies include some, but not all, of the companies covered in the Standard & Poor's 500 Beverage, Food and Restaurant Indices included on the Performance Graph on page 12. The Committee believes that our executive compensation programs have met their objectives. PepsiCo has been able to attract and retain the executive talent necessary to support a corporation with a long-term history of strong sales growth and superior shareholder returns. Specific Compensation Programs PepsiCo's executive compensation mix includes a base salary, annual cash bonus awards, and long-term incentive compensation in the form of performance units and stock options. Overall, these programs are intended to be

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