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Name: Justin Naidoo Grade: 12A English essay: Excuses, excuses, excuses. . . It’s 25 years to the day I graduated with my masters in English, boy, do I remember that day as if it was yesterday. My parents as proud as I could have ever imagined; and TJ (my girlfriend at the time) was ecstatic as ever. I walked with my head held high & I then went on to pursue a career as a twelfth grade English teacher at Negwin High. My passion for education, love for children and desire to be surrounded in the school atmosphere are among the reasons why I decided to become a teacher… Years passed by and my love for teaching grew just as I did.TJ and I married in September 2000 and had the girls Emma & Rose. My beautiful daughters, how I long to seem them... It was the first day of school again & as the 12th grade walked in; amongst them was Lisa Rey, soft brunette hair, hazel brown eyes and voluptuous pink lips. As her eyes rested upon mine I couldn’t help but stare right back. The lesson was in motion and I had asked the class to turn to the introduction of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. As I returned to my desk for a stick of chalk, there was a quick sound of the siren and the period was over… However, on my desk there laid a small note saying “meet me in room 169 at 11.. Lisa” Her “ I “ where dotted with hearts and the note gave of a sweet strawberry scent. As the needle approached 11 I made my way down the hall & then found myself on quite unfamiliar turf, as I had never been in this part of school before. Nevertheless I did reach room 169. On my entry into the room, Lisa was all over me & began to kiss me, I pushed her aside at first & had told her that I was married. But she replied that it was only one kiss and no one had to know. At that moment, the biggest mistake is what I made… I kissed her back. It was amongst the worst

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