Exclusion Hate And Bias Summary

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Exclusion, Hate, Bias, and Their Motivators Abstract The purpose of this paper and the research found within is to determine the motivations behind the judgment and assumptions that human beings make of others of whom they have not met, or have just been introduced to. It is often said that we decide how we feel about an individual within the first couple of minutes of meeting them. But why is that? Why are humans not completely unbiased towards strangers until they have some knowledge of the individual on a personal level? The research gathered by way of survey both confirmed what the literature review revealed, and gave the researcher and unexpected revelation based on the short-answer responses. Exclusion, Hate, Bias, and Their…show more content…
One of the biggest themes found in this paper was based on the idea of a stranger by Mary Douglas and Zygmunt Bauman. They argue that every human being has the desire to have an order-filled life. Everything is set up and there are no speed bumps on their road of life. Then this stranger comes along; the individual has no idea if this stranger is someone who is going to stay clear and perpetuate order, or if this stranger is going to be a threat to order, creating chaos and speed bumps. This idea of the stranger then leads to the other large concept of Clarke’s paper, but first ends with the idea of New Racism. People no longer are excluding people based on their physical differences, such as skin color and physical features. Instead, people are being excluded based on the fear of difference psychologically (Clarke,…show more content…
by Dennis Prager and Joseph Telushkin (2007), the two men try to explain the motivation behind the universal exclusion of the Jewish people. They state that even though there are always groups of people in every country that are excluded, it seems to only be the Jewish people that have hatred directed at them regardless of their location or level of involvement with their Jewish roots. Of all the groups of people and societies around the world, why is the one of the smallest appears to be the biggest threat and fear of a large number of others from all across the globe? One of the reasons the say contributes to the exclusion is that the Jewish way of life causes them to lead lives of a higher standard, which leads others to see them as high and pompous. According to Prager and Telushkin, this reason is tied directly to the hatred and exclusion the Jewish people have always experienced. There may be some truth in this, especially when compared to the already stated concept of the stranger, and the threat to order. Not only that, but there may be projection; people do not like that they themselves cannot live the life of higher quality that the Jewish people live, so they project what they feel about themselves onto them. This phenomenon is better illustrated using George Stanton’s 8 Stages of Genocide development that starts with groups being divided into us and them, leading to the genocide itself and the ultimate denial of such acts happening (Beaumont,

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