Exchange Student Problems Essay

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Learning from a teacher is hard especially when he can’t explain the matter properly. But learning from a teacher when communication problems exist is on a different level. Almost all foreign exchange students have this kind of problem. I’m one of the Filipino exchange students who was sent to Korea and I have the same difficulty. In our school, there are teachers who can speak in English but majority of them can’t. Our problem is we don’t learn a thing in our regular class because of language barrier. We have separate classes that are in English, but it’s not sufficient compared to our Korean classmates who were well spoon-fed by the teachers. Communication problems shouldn’t be ignored by the executives. This problem greatly affects us students whereas we are wasting our time and energy. During our regular class, teachers speak only in Korean and sometimes some of them don’t bother talking to us. Additionally, in our separate class the teacher asks what topic we want to study. It’s not a standard class routine where we have a lesson plan to comply. How are we supposed to learn this way? Teachers give us English maritime materials to say that they’re teaching us, but I think they don’t know what to teach us. This program is essential to me. I really want to learn maritime stuffs. I don’t want others to think that this program is a failure. This is my chance to prove that I’m not an underachiever. The solution that I came up with will not alter the teacher’s way of teaching or the student’s program of study. I’m thinking about hiring a maritime instructor who can speak fluently in English or whatever the language of exchange students. Because we can’t just force the native teachers to speak in English if they can’t. Or wait the exchange students to learn foreign language. It will take months. And the exchange students will just waste their time

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