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Exchange Report Six months ago, I flight across half of the Earth to experience a remarkable life. Toronto, the biggest city in Canada, presents her prosperity, her youth and energy. As one of the most important economic centers in North America, Toronto is also a city that stands at the front edge of business and economics education and research. Schulich School of Business, the school to which I attend, is regarded as one of the top business schools in the world. MBA and EMBA program in Schulich ranks NO. 1 in many profession magazines and organization ranking. Schulich School of Business attracts outstanding high school graduates all over the world. They are highly motivated, strictly selected, and they prepare to develop career in business. Lecturers in Schulich School of Business are good at motivating students to think and talk in classes, and students always give active reaction to lecturers. Good communication and interaction between lecture and students help to boost the atmosphere in class and also achieve learning objectives. I was impressed by the passion of students and lecturers in Schulich, they do love what they are learning or teaching. Curiosity and passion is really important to build up academic culture in Schulich. I have taken four courses in Schulich of different difficulty levels from year two to year four because of curriculum difference. “Business administration and the law” is one of the courses that I took in Schulich, and also the one that impressed me most. Professor R. Peter Macdonald is a patient instructor. He always try to encourage students to think and explore any possibility in solution or in interpretation. Besides, every lecture is well organized, and the structure is clear, so that you can easily catch up with the pace of the lecture. Actually I found most difference between local students or
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