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Staying With Cable vs. Switching to Satellite Pavel Zemel Bus 620 Dr. Sharif Muhammad August, 1st, 2011 Abstract Cable television and Satellite have been around for many years. There are many positives and negatives with each with cable and or satellite. This paper will explore why customers should stay with cable rather than switching over to satellite television. There are many positives in staying with cable such as reliable service, more option, and better customer service. In addition, this paper will explore in greater detail what factors affect customers in staying with cable rather than switching to satellite. The companies that will be explored throughout this paper are Cablevision (cable based company) vs. Direct TV (satellite based company). Staying With Cable vs. Switching to Satellite INTRODUCTION For the past 25 years my family has been subscribed to Cablevision for cable services. I have enjoyed the many channels and special movie channels that they offer. The excellent service they have provided for many years only gets better. When Cablevision came out with IO digital cable my family upgraded. I no longer have to go out and rent movies. Instead I now order directly from my television. Instead of eighty channels there are now hundreds of channels to choose from. The variety of things to watch on my television is unlimited. Many of my neighbors that used to have satellite television were unhappy with the service. I recommended them to switch over to Cablevision. When they made the switch they were extremely pleased with the service. My family also uses their service of Optimum Online for our computer. We used to have a dial up service that took forever until we upgraded to Optimum Online. The internet is now extremely fast on my computer, and I have never had to wait for anything to load ever since. We also use Optimum

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