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This is a great opportunity for me to join this student exchange programs as I think that it will be a good challenge to experience life overseas and gain self-confidence and independence. So far, I haven’t travel to overseas so I would like to take this chance to combine study, travel and enjoy the unique student lifestyle of an overseas university. I think it will be interesting to travel to oversea university with a group of students from our university and we can enhance the reputation of our university in foreign country and attract the foreign students to further their studies to our university. For me, it will be great to meet new people and form life-long friendships around the world. Travelling to a foreign country to study meet other students from all over the globe is the good chance to cultivate long-lasting and global friendships. Besides, I can expose myself to different cultures. There is nothing more transformative than experiencing a foreign culture first hand. By discovering the customs, philosophy, art, and cuisine of a new place I will experience personal growth and development. Separating from the support of family and college friends will provide the opportunity for me to discover my own capabilities in making and living with my own decisions. I believe throughout this student exchange programs can boost up my self-confidence, independence, greater decision making and more clearly define personal goals. Also, I hope to learn a new language especially in a country which English, Mandarin and Malay are not the main language. I know learning the communication will be tough at first, I will learn to adapt and work around it. Learning the communication isn’t only about the words but about gestures and signs. It will be amazing if I can talk their language with the people at there. The experience of living in a foreign country must be

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