Excessive Force Essay

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January 15, 2013 Use of Force Assignment Ms. Middlebrooks Introduction to Law Excessive force is the unlawful punishment against a citizen by a police officer. In today’s nation excessive force is very rare. The law gives police officer specific guidelines to follow in specific situations. In certain situations when the office has a reasonable perception the officer should use reasonable response. When a situation occurs with an officer and a decision is to be made to determine if excessive force was used. To make decide rather or not excessive force was use you should look at the extent of force, the location, part of official duty, totality of circumstance, severity of crime, was the suspect immediate threat to officer and others, was the suspect resistant, and evasion. In the Christopher Harris vs. King County case Mr. Harris was serious beaten. According to komonews.com Christopher Harris had been in critical condition after been severally attacked and tackled by an on duty officer. Harris was attacked and beaten because a bystander told the police he was involved in an altercation between a group of people were stabbing was involved. Mr. Harris ran from the scene when the officer came towards him. When Mr. Harris seen the officers he started to take off running because he didn't know they was the police because they chased Mr. Harris down a dark alley way and when the officer caught him he immediately attacked him. Officers are given certain things to do in certain situation depending on actions within the crime. In this case the officer was trying to gain compliance by yelling out to Mr. Harris. When Mr. Harris raised his arm to the officer to show him he wasn't harm the officer threw his head into a wall outside a movie theater and he immediately used deadly force on Mr. Harris. According to the level of compliance the officer was didn't

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