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What is Excessive force? Excessive force is any force that is beyond what is necessary to arrest a suspect and keep the police and viewers safe. Excessive Force is commonly used by police officers when the suspect shows resistance or violence, but it is only frequently done by a police officer who loses control of himself and violates a person’s rights. There have been plenty of times when police officers have abused of their power and end up hurting the suspect emotionally and physically. Excessive force is very unusual but at times necessary; there are many articles on excessive force. In August 1997, Officer Justin Volpe got knocked to the ground while being at a bar. Officer Volpe mistakenly believed that Abner Louima had knocked him down. They handcuffed him to the car and punched his face with their fists. When they returned to the station, the two officers then shoved a wooden stick up Louima’s rectum, and also held it in his face. Louima who had nothing to do with knocking Volpe down, but he was arrested and tortured. The officers involved threatened Louima not to tell anyone and then tried to cover up their excessive use of force. This shows that Officer Volpe violated Brooklyn police codes on force, and Louima’s civil rights. Another article was in February 1999; Roy Lynn was attacked by a police dog. Weeaks had surrendered to police and was lying face down on the ground and then the police released the dog and ordered it to attack him. The dog bit him in the groin and nearly severed his penis. Given the small number of cases we could conclude that excessive force is rare in police-citizen contacts and is often accompanied by some possible provocative behavior. The use of excessive work on a civilian by a police is a criminal offense and should not be done. Another article about excessive force was about, a former South Carolina state trooper who

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