Excess Of The 1980's Without The Guilt

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“Excess of the 1980’s without the Guilt” 1994 is the ninety fourth year on the 1900’s. It was the fourth year of the 1990’s making it part of the early 90’s as people now refer to it. And it was six years before the start of the new millennium. The 90’s are now very fondly thought of. It was a time where everyone was thought to be happy, care free, and making money. Technology was exploding and excess was everywhere. The high demand for anything scandalous made it very easy for anyone to make money. Information didn’t travel as fast as it does today but the demand in the 90’s had made it possible for the mass media frenzies of the first decade in the twenty first century. The capitalization of events no matter how tragic and the dumbing…show more content…
Low brow entertainment was at an all time high and it was never more publicized. Talk shows like Geraldo Rivera, Ricki Lake, and above all Jerry Springer thrived during the decade. Any sort of level of decency had been shattered and it was a free for all. Commercializing all events no matter how unfortunate separated the 90’s from other generations. It had never been possible to keep people posted with copious amounts of meaningless bullshit, but with the advent of the internet, marketers soon found a larger platform to entertain the masses. A prime example of this was the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman and the trial of OJ Simpson, which came to be known as The Trial of the Century. The media circus that surrounded Simpson was unheard of. When Simpson was originally going to turn himself in to the LAPD…show more content…
In fact the media had actually killed her which just meant there was going to be a huge amount of excess in the celebration of her life by the media. “Immediately offered for sale was a new line of Princess Di lingerie, featuring “Lady Di” undies and perfume to reflect [her life] and beauty. For the right price, you, too, can possess panties for a princess. If that doesn‘t satisfy your longing for status, there‘s the Princess Beanie baby, a purple teddy bear with a white rose emblem”(Haynes,452) The 1990’s allowed anything and everything to be up for sale. Capitalist ideology was in high demand and there were never so many consumers. Marx says there are no relationships other than money relationships in capitalism which accounts for the thriving economy of the 1990’s.”Selfishness was a national virtue”(456) The citizens were all united as

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