Excel - Technical Explanation (User) Essay

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Creating an Excel Chart Follow these steps in order to input data and create a chart in Excel: Note: Follow these steps and enter the represented data from the samples on these pages as a practice exercise. Run through this exercise more than once to become accustomed to the process. In creating a custom chart, different data will be used in the same basic format. 1. Open the program by double-clicking on the Excel icon on the desktop or start menu. The program should open to a new, blank document: 2. Begin in cell A1 and type the heading of spreadsheet, "Television Sales by State." This should be the same name to be displayed on resulting graph for clarity and consistency. The name may display longer than the cell width. This will not affect the chart. 3. Input headings across as shown beginning in cell B3. Starting in cell A4, input the years in cells going down (1975, 1980, 1985, etc., through 2010). The headings across and down define the data input area. 4. Begin entering data in corresponding categories once proper headings have been entered. (In the sample, the number corresponds to both the top and side headings in an ascending year order (down) and representative of the proper state fields (across).) Creating an Excel Chart - continued (pg. 2) 5. Charting areas will need to be designated once all data has been entered. The designated areas will be represented on the chart once the chart itself is created. The labels are for user identification. a. Click and drag the mouse button from the first to the last column heading (from "Iowa" to "Minnesota" in the example.) b. Right-click somewhere on the highlighted portion and select "Name a Range" from the popup menu. Name this range "Column Headings." c. Repeat a and b, using the labels "Years" for the range "1975" to "2010," and "Sales" for the range "1" to
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