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Are Exams Truly Necessary? It is believed that exams are necessary to test your knowledge on a subject. It is argued that if we remove exams that we will no longer be able to categorize the population, which is the point of education and college in the first place. Yes there are other ways to measure knowledge, but test seem to be the best way to do so. Exams are partial in what they can test about you and your abilities. However, they are probably the quickest and most efficient way to see in general where large groups of people are. If we were only dealing with a small number of individuals, sure, go into the deeper things which take a lot of time and which really help us to get to know the individual. Nevertheless, when we are dealing with a hefty group of people, it's fast, and it does grasp the greater part of those who do understand the material. Exams can be a good or a bad thing, depending on the individual. There is a danger that some students will think that by doing well in the exam, they have no more work to do and can take it easy. In these cases, if the grades of the students are based primarily on exams and no homework, this may be true. Although if a class is based primarily on exams then they are not a good idea. As looking towards an end of year exam, homework and other assignments will keep students more focused on a continual basis. On the other hand, they can be a good thing, in that if they did not exist, a student would have no opportunity to overcome nerves, which are a big part of doing exams. It is important to point out that the idea of abolishing exams once and for all is not good, but the percentage the account for ones grade does need to change. Exams are the best way to test your memory skills not your knowledge. A student may get a 100 percent on an exam and would fail it a week later the students forget the

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