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Exams Are Necessary ? Essay

  • Submitted by: Achuthku
  • on November 13, 2010
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Below is an essay on "Exams Are Necessary ?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Are Exams necessary?
Question:I mean some pupils just do not manage well in them, its all cramming for one day, its very stressful and a lot of luck is involved on the day getting a question one is familiar with. Surely there must be a better way. 

yes they are to see how well you remember.
er. the entire orld has to take tests like that so i think that even if there was a better way they wouldnt use it because the entire world would have to change
it's basically testing how well you've done all year, i think that some people just put that stress on themselves. if they do well all year, then the exam won't be that difficult, or stressful.

i think it's necessary.
Exams are necessary.
Thing is, it's not just cramming for one day - exams should be revised well before the exam time so you don't get stressed. I used to cram all the time (not anymore) and it was very stressful. If you revise 2/3 weeks before the exam time, then exams can be a very relaxing thing.
No luck should be involved as the school should give you lots of different types of questions during the school year so you won't get stuck on the day.
Unfortunately for you- yes they are.

Its the only way we, as teachers, are able to see if you have grasped the various concepts in the subjects you are taught.

Put it another way, if you weren't told how to do something, how could you demonstrate that you understood what you had to do? 
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A: well exams are necessary but the concept of the students about exams should be changed . they should consider it as a test of their abilities and not fuss about marks . though I know that competition is high students should focus on learning and comprehending the lessons and simply not mugging up the lessons . a fair competition is necessary but the first priority must be given to learning and not simply mugging up for marks ....

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