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SPEECH: EXAMS Exams. You here it and you freak out. Yesterday some of us have taken the practice SAT to be placed into SAT classes and know our weaknesses. Before the exam I observed the enviroment and everybody was freaking out and so stressed. Even after the exam people were still under the pressure of the test and saying “ OMG I’m going to get a 600 out of 2400, that’s how bad I was!!!”. The question is, are exams the best choice for us to take the most important step to our future? Is it fair that our future fitting into just 4 hours of an exam that we prepare for months? No. Exams are not the best choice for all of us because of our different skills, our emotional status before the test and causes serious damage on some of us. All of us, in this room have different talents. Some of us sing, some of us dance, some of us have abilities to do sports and not all of us are maybe good at maths or literature. In Turkey, every year seniors take an exam to get into natioanl colleges. They study hard for two years and finally when the scores are announced many of their dreams fade away. Some was planning to goto film or music academies, design schools but because of the system that doesn’t allow any other talent testings Turkey and many other countries loose future artists, musicians every year .These type of talents can not be tested by some bunch of numbers and words. Having a job doesn’t always mean to go to meetings and wear suits but it also means being happy about what you do and dedicate yourself to your society. A month ago just before the finals my friend and I was hanging out at the mall and it was all good until her phone rang and she got the news. Her aunt was dead. I was so concerned and sorry for her but what I was way to much worried about was what she was going to do through out the exam week. The emotional status of us affect our days,

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