Examples of Two Developing Countries in Africa Essay

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The development of any country depends on the natural resources it has, how those natural resources are being used, what it can produce, the good governance, investors and so on. Some countries are rich in natural resources others are good in production of goods and others in both. Different countries have different capacities of development, hence the categorization of countries into developing and developed countries. Therefore this essay is aimed at defining developing countries, giving two examples of developing countries (Zambia and Malawi) and looking at the similarities and differences between these two countries. Key words which will be used in this essay will clearly be defined, after that a conclusion will be drawn as a summary of the raised points. Todaro (2012:39) defines developing countries as “those countries with low, lower-middle, or upper middle incomes”. Brett (2009:70) defines a developing country as “where average income of people is lower than that of developed countries where the economy depends upon the few crops or on primary commodity products and where farming is conducted using traditional methods”. Kingsbury (2008) further argues to say that a developing country is “a country whose social, political and economic situation is not structurely able to achieve the self determination of its political structure and its economical basis”. Oxford Mini School dictionary, defines similarity as “of the same kind in appearance, character, or quantity, without being identical”. A difference is “a way in which people
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