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In the book, “Into The Wild” by:Jon Krakauer, Chris Mccandless showed that he was a transcendentalist because he was following the four things of being a transcendentalist, he tried to get something out of the nature around him and enjoy it, he was on his own for the most part, he was self-reliant on himself, and he trusted his instincts on living on his own. Although Chris wasn't alone most of the time and hitchhiked often, he was mostly a transcendentalist because he got the full effect of living on his own in the wild. in complete solitude . Chris showed that he was a transcendentalist because he went out completely independent to find what life truly was and to find himself in nature. ."In the woods, we return to reason and faith." This quote shows that nature was teaching him lessons about not just being alone all the time but how life is about happiness and spending time with the things you love most. Chris’s actions also showed extreme transcendentalism by burning all the money he had and abandoning his whole life to go out on this expedition without telling anyone. AS you can see i think Chris was a transcendentalist because he became one with the nature.…show more content…
The path that everyone else follows is a normal life, where you work, go to school, buy things, be involved with society but that wasn't what Chris McCandless wanted, so he decided to make his own trail and do something that he liked and had known best in his life, which was nature. You kind of know that hes a trancendenatlatist because he was so smart and to put that all to waste was so stupid, and so was leaving his family without anything said to them. This shows that he was because these are extreme decisions and he did all of it to follow his dream and his one love which was

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