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Examples of Source Types i Research into Credible Sources Tonya McIntire Everest University, online Examples of source Types Page 1 Research into Credible Sources Three types of sources that I have chosen are 1: Books and e-books, 2: periodicals, 3: government documents. An example of the source; books and e-books would be Rules for Writers 6th edition by Diana Hacker, An example of periodicals would be the magazine Consumer Reports www.consumerreports.com and an example of Government Documents would be www.fbi,gov Rules for Writers 6th edition by Diana Hacker is a textbook that was developed by teachers from two and four year schools. This book provides students quick and easy access to information needed to solve writing issues with any college course. Because the typical student will be writing in most courses, this book is one to hang onto. (2009, Hacker) Consumer Reports magazine provides ratings for cars, appliances, electronics, home and garden and more. This magazine also provides a great source to find out for sure if products are reliable. Consumer Reports has been around since 1936, and are an expert, independent, nonprofit organization. (2013, consumer reports) consumer reports online FBI.gov offers a wide area of services as well as crime prevention information. This type of information is accessible for law enforcement as well as for the public. There is also information provided on the website concerning

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