Examples Of Social Deviance

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Deviance: Washington, DC Word Count = 3,247 (Text, References) SOC -345: Social Deviance Washington, DCs National Mall is the tree lined open space between Constitution and Independence Avenues. The Mall extends from the Lincoln Memorial to the U.S. Capitol Building. There sits 10 Smithsonian Institution Museums which vary in interest from art, religion, space and history. Included on this wonderful landmark is home of the National Memorials that include; Washington Monument, Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the U.S Holocaust Memorial just to name a few. Due to the National Malls distinction, this landmark is frequently the setting of political protest, marathons and a…show more content…
They were headed directly towards the homeless man while he remained sleeping. To my complete shock they jumped the step directly over him while he slept. I cringed as they all took a leap over the man and wanted to scold them for their behavior. Once they got to the top of the steps, they begin to toss items towards the homeless man. My initial thought was if these teenagers can behave in this deviant manner in public view, what else are they capable of doing? Juveniles who begin their criminal careers before age 13 are also more likely to continue this behavior as adults (Baron, Stephen 2010). I wondered if the first kid who jumped was the leader and the remainder two were the followers, and if these were the roles they were going to attach to themselves in their adulthood. I immediately stood up, grabbed my bag and started walking up the stairs to observe them closer and possibly influence them to stop but they ran inside the Memorial and were no longer…show more content…
I was mentally and emotionally exhausted. I reached for my cell to check the time and realized I miss a call from one of my co-workers. I phoned her back and she informed me she was two blocks away at restaurant enjoying happy-hour and invited me to join her. This wasn’t planned but why not, I had a lot to talk about and wanted to release myself from observing and analyzing. I walked to the restaurant and noticed my co-worker sitting outside at a table on the restaurant patio next to the busy sidewalk. I wave to her and quickly join her at the table, which was the corner table next to the gate dividing the patio with the sidewalk. The waiter brings out a complimentary bowl of pita bread and hummus then takes our drink orders. It was a typical restaurant setting; tables full of patrons and crowds of people walking inches away from us going about their evening. Before I knew it, an arm flashes in front of us and swipes a hand full of pita bread off our table and runs off. After I realized what happened, I looked ahead and saw 3 teenage boys running and laughing down the sidewalk. I immediately went into analyzing mode. I stopped myself from going there. I mentally told my brain, “STOP”! Moments later, the waiter brought our drinks. I asked if we could get more pita bread. He looked surprised they were gone so quickly, I rolled my eyes and said “I ate

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