Examples Of Sacrifice In The Crucible

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The Lessons of Sacrifices What would you do for your family? Would you sacrifice your life for your spouse or member of family? The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, is all about sacrifices, some of which are unnecessary. The sacrifices made in The Crucible by Abigail, Elizabeth, and Proctor are all unnecessary. In The Crucible, Abigail makes a lot of unnecessary sacrifices. One being the sacrifice of her Uncle Parris’s reputation, thanks to her being caught in the woods dancing. She claims that she wasn’t dancing in the woods, and Parris is concerned because his people are going to come down on him. “Now look you, child, your punishment will come in its time. But if you trafficked with sprits in the forest I must know it now, for surely my enemies will, and they will ruin me with it.” (Miller, The Crucible) When Parris says that, he makes her aware that he has many people that don’t like him. Thanks to Abigail actions, they will more than likely cause more problems. “Abigail, I have fought here three long years to bend these stiff-necked people to me, and now, just now when some good respect is rising for me in the parish , you compromise my very character. I have given you a home, child, I have put clothes upon your back- now give me upright answer. Your name in the town, it is entirely white is it not?” (Miller, The Crucible) Elizabeth has…show more content…
Abigail sacrifices the reputation of her Uncle Parris, thanks to her dancing in the woods and she got caught. Elizabeth made sacrifices in her love life, as Abigail tried to take her husband, Proctor. Proctor sacrificed his life for his beloved wife, Elizabeth. He admitted that he committed adultery while in a relationship with his wife. Sacrifices are not always best, but sometime they have to be made. The quote by G. B. Shaw, “Self-sacrifice enables us to sacrifice other people without

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