Examples Of Resilience

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Resilience: The Fire Within “I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me.” -Joshua Graham. Life is full of obstacles, some better than others and the ability to overcome a traumatic and abusive event in one’s life is defined as resilience. Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; to reflect toughness after an unpleasant life changing events. Colson Whitehead author of The Underground Railroad shows resilience through characters such as Cora, Mabel, and Caesar. All characters encountered cruel and horrific events throughout their lives and would overcome them, allowing themselves to seek opportunities in life. Some other examples of resilience were through Ping Fu and myself who have also suffered through some traumatic situations. Mabel unlike her mother shows resilience by running away, leaving Cora behind. Perhaps she was trying to break the pattern and find a better life so that she could come back and free Cora. After all, knowing the cruel punishment that was executed upon the runaways would be more gruesome then abandoning your child to the planation life. As an illustration, when Big Anthony was caught they made…show more content…
Huffington Post: An Inspirational True Story of Resilience and the American Dream by MeiMei Fox, tells her remarkable traumatic story about the ten years she faced of near-starvation, abuse, child labor, and soldier during the Cultural Revolution in China. But, “Ping never let these bitter experiences defeat her.” Remarkedly, Ping Fu is now the founder and CEO of Geormagic, a software company that is leading the 3D printing and imaging revolution. This is a good example of a person that could overcome their terrible situation by her perseverance and strength, she was able to rise above it all. Surely, Ping Fu found the flame of resilience within herself to change her
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