Examples Of Reflective Accounts

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HSC218 Reflective Account. At handover at the start of the shift the client was reported to be fine. At 4.45am she buzzed to go to the toilet and as this is the time she usually likes to get up I asked her if she was ready. She said she was so washed my hands and put my gloves on and then assisted her to walk to the toilet. Once in the bathroom I pulled her underwear down and helped her to sit down. I place the dirty pad from her underwear in a plastic bag As she was finishing on the toilet I prepared all the things ready to get her washed and dressed and ran the tap. I also checked the plan in the room to make sure there was nothing extra needed to be done. This client likes the water very hot, or as hot as it comes out of the tap…show more content…
I aided her to stand up, using her frame and then washed her, making sure that I used a soap free wipe to get rid of all the soap. I then dried her off, asking her to make sure she was dry and then pulled up her pants and trousers. She then told me she wanted to sit back on the bed so I assisted her walking back to her bed. Once she was safely sat back on the bed I put her hearing aid for her, made sure she had everything she wanted from her bedside drawer, made sure she could reach the buzzer for the call system and tidied up the room. I placed the dirty clothes in the laundry basket to take downstairs, placed the towel and flannel back neatly in the bathroom and put the toiletries we had used away. I then opened the curtains for her, and signed her care plan, making sure that I had done all the things which were on the care plan in the bedroom. I then removed my gloves and put them in the plastic bag for the waste products, made sure it was tied properly and then washed my hands. I then took the dirty laundry and rubbish bag back downstairs and placed them in the appropriate places (laundry and big rubbish bag, I then washed my hands again. At handover in the morning I reported that there were no concerns with this particular
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