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Reflective account ?.?????? I and a male care staff member supported two service users in a shopping trip I arranged a trip to the shops following a request from one female and one male service users. We had decided to go on a weekend as the YP’s had school and homework to do through the week. During the trip a good time was spent discussing the purchases to be made, listening to and facilitating the service users’ choices and options and giving necessary information as and when they asked for it, to enable them to make an informed choice. We had completed most of their shopping and decided to split up, the male staff member accompanied the male YP and we all agreed to meet up in thirty minutes. When I arrived later at the shop with the female YP, I observed the male YP becoming quite agitated and verbally confrontational with the two checkout staff, it was apparent they had been chatting and he though this was the reason the long queue at the till was moving so slowly.…show more content…
I suggested the two YP’s and the male member of staff should go for a drink or milkshake and allow me to stand in the queue. Knowledge: what knowledge have you built upon or gained as a result of this experience? • That people become stressed by different situations • Individuals have different ways of reacting to stress Skills: what skills have you built upon or gained as a result of this experience? • Enabling individuals to make choices • Dealing with stress / anxiety /

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