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Frederick Douglass #1 Frederick Douglass had two masters while in slavery. His first master was “Captain” Anthony. Anthony was a harsh man, who seemed to find joy in whipping his slaves. Anthony was not a rich slave holder. He owned three or four farms and had about thirty slaves. He had two sons, Andrew and Richard one daughter, Lucretia and her husband Captain Thomas Auld. All of them lived together in a house which sat on the plantation of Colonel Edward Llyod. Douglass’s master was Llyod’s clerk and superintendent. Next, we have one of the overseer’s Mr. Severe. Severe died shortly after Douglass went to Colonel Llyod’s. He was a very cruel man, whose name fit him quiet well. “He seemed to take…show more content…
So, Douglass was then sent away to Mr. Covey for one year. Covey was known as a “nigger breaker”, he was both malicious and sneaky. The slaves never knew where he was, so that creating a constant state of fear among them. Douglass was savagely whipped on a regular basis because of his clumsiness. Douglass’s term of service with Covey ended on Christmas day, 1833. After his term with Covey ended, Douglass went to live with William Freeland for two years. Freeland was an educated southern gentleman. “I will give Mr. Freeland the credit of being the best master I ever had, till I became my own master” (Douglass 91). He gave them enough to eat, worked them hard, but only from sunrise to sunset, gave them good tools, and employed a sufficient number of slaves to do his work. Douglass and some other slaves living at Freeland’s decided to try and run away. They ended up being ratted out. When they went to breakfast Hamilton and some others took Douglass and his party to Thomas Auld’s house, where they were then all placed in jail. When Douglass was taken out of jail he was sent back to Baltimore to live with Hugh Auld. Douglass planned an escape, and on September 3rd, he reached New York, and for the first time in his life he was his own
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