Examples Of Racism In America

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Throughout America’s history, for at least 100 years, racism has existed. When Rosa Parks was asked to give up her seat in the colored section of a segregated bus so a white man could sit in her place, when Ruby Bridges was asked to leave school because she was black, when the Little Rock Nine were put through hell just to go to school; all of these are examples of racism. In these times, racism was openly practiced. There was no need to hide such despicable practices. Profiling is just as bad. When a black person sees a white person, a lot of them refer to them as a no good “cracka” or if something “rude” occurs between the two groups they think it’s because they’re racists. White people are by all means just as guilty. If they see a big black man with dreads or sagging pants they grab their purses or lock their doors, or do something to insinuate this innocent person is up to no good. Actually the government requires that all Mexicans carry their immigration papers on their person to prevent illegal crossing of the U.S border. What the government fails to realize is this is a case of racial profiling itself. We didn’t take part in the decisions that were made. The most you can do is hate the actions that people took back then, but you definitely can’t change them. But no one seems to be able to get over…show more content…
Racism is a part of America’s history, and is still a conflict for today’s society and sadly will still take part in America’s future. So yes, Racism is a permanent feature of American society. Racism is still one of the leading problems today within the country, cities and individual communities. . Adversely, racism has and will continue to have a negative impact on the average American’s opportunity with regard to education, jobs, scholarships or government, just to name a few. This continuing action has most definitely influenced the overall way of life as well as how Americans interact with one

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