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Love and Power Behind every strong man is an even stronger woman. Behind Macbeth was Lady Macbeth and behind President Fitzgerald Grant is First Lady Millie. In the television show Scandal, President Fitzgerald Grant (Fitz) and his wife Millie Grant have a Macbeth relationship. Both wives want what is best for the man in their lives. Lady Macbeth wants her husband to be the king of Scotland while Millie wants her husband to be the president of the United States. Both Lady Macbeth and Millie Grant see potential in their husbands and they want to bring that potential out of them. They also know for their husbands to reach their goals they are going to have to push them. After Lady Macbeth received her husband's letter about the witches' prophecy, she expresses her fear…show more content…
Verna Thorton, dying of terminal Lung Cancer, tells Fitz about the election rigging, and how she was the one that ordered the attempted assassination on him because he did not deserve to be president. He in turn suffocates her with a pillow. I relate this back to Macbeth, with the death of Banquo. The witches prophesied that Banquo’s sons would be Kings, so Macbeth kills him and his son so that he can keep the crown. Fitz kills Verna, because he didn’t want to lose his presidency, and since she has already tried to assassinate he knows she is a threat alive. Another important piece of information is that with both scenarios, the wives had no part on influencing these murders. These situations are the first times they make bad decisions on their own, which shows them both heading down the wrong path. Macbeth states that he is just so far in that there is no turning back, which is similar to why Fitz because he was in the presidency so deep. If the scandal were to come out the affect it would have on him and the people around him would be exponential, and he just couldn’t risk

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