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Christy Brumbaugh Observation paper En100 Small Miracles The sunlight shines brightly through the window as I sit at my kitchen table sipping a cup of steaming coffee. Out of the corner of my eye I notice something sparkling. It is the ring on my right hand. This ring means more to me than the moon and stars because it represents the birth of my daughter. It is a beautiful kiwi lime green stone surrounded by shimmering diamonds. The green stone is so clear and smooth it almost looks like a piece of glass. The shimmering diamonds sparkle so clean and transparent they almost look as if I touch them they would feel wet. The rays of sunlight catch the brilliance of the gorgeous antique etching on the side of my ring. The ring is a white color reminding me of my grandmothers antique silver platters. The etching is very wavy and curved like the waves tumbling on the oceans surface. It also has beaded edges surrounding the diamonds that simply enhance the beauty of my ring. The beads look as if they were dripped perfectly beside each stone by hand. It looks as if someone carved each and every bit of etching with such grace that it would have taken quite a while to finish this piece. The ring is perfectly fitted to my finger size so…show more content…
When I look deep into the stone, I can see lines cut into the stone that give it a look of depth with a vibrant color. The lines cut into the stone also give it a mirrored look, reflecting from side to side, allowing the beautiful green stone to sparkle even more. If I look closely into the stone I can see myself in the reflection. The stone sits right on top of the white colored mounting giving it a great focal point. The stone is caged into a bed of white colored gold surrounded by four prongs, similar to those of a fork, but wrapped around the stone to secure it in its

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