Examples Of Observation Paper On African Americans

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In today’s society in Seattle, Washington it is rare to observe a young African American couple buying and remodeling a house together. My husband and I are constantly battling assumptions of our race, age, marital status, family status and financial background. My husband is a Union Fire Protection Sprinkler Fitter and I am an Executive Office Administrator, with no children. Five years ago we purchased an older home and began a complete do-it-yourself remodel all the way from the bare bones of the house. Some of our neighbors came up with inferences of their own about us and the home we purchased. We could hear neighbors questioning if the house was now owned by section 8 and if they were going to have to deal with us and all our children. Our neighbors inferences are feed by what they think and believe African American people are…show more content…
The man is pushing a grass mower and he is wearing a bright orange construction shirt and jeans. The woman is planting flowers in the flower bed and is wearing a white t-shirt and jeans. Chain of inferences 1. Kenneth and Megan are outside doing yard work 2. Such a cute husband and wife activity 3. They are adding value to their home 4. I should say hello to them 5. Maybe they would like to go to a movie or hang out They stop to say hello and ask to see the progress on the rest of the house. New Chain of Inferences 1. Wow, Kenneth and Megan are doing a wonderful job on their home 2. Wish I could do this to my home 3. Maybe I could hire Kenneth to come do some work for me. Anyone that knows my husband and I know that we work hard for what we have and enjoy sharing it with others. My husband works very hard and is very good with his hands. He often does work for other people but it can be insulting when some people automatically assume we did not earn what we have and that we are the hired

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