Examples Of Metaphors In The Book Fences

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The book Fences has a lot of metaphors about the fences .I think when they mention fences it’s a when they either talk about there family or something they are trying to keep together. When Rose says “Jesus be a fences all around me everyday Jesus, I want you to protect me as I travel on my way. Jesus, be a fences all around me everyday. I think she is saying to be a fence is protecting her on whatever she does .Also, when bono is telling troy” some people built fences to keep people and other people built fences to keep people in, Rose wants to hold on to you She loves you’ll “.He means that rose wants to build fences is because she wants to keep family together and keep away bad people .The metaphor also refers historically to the American…show more content…
Cory returns home from the Marines in his uniform. Lyons also comes home to go to the funeral. His girlfriend, Bonnie, broke-up with him and he has been forced to do time at the workhouse because he was caught illegally cashing other people's checks. Cory is engaged to be married to a woman he seems to care about a lot. Lyons and Cory reminisce about Troy's saying, "You gotta take the crooked with the straights.” Cory refuses to attend the funeral because he wants to rebel against Troy. Rose teaches Cory that not attending Troy's funeral does not make Cory a man. Cory attempts to explain why he has mixed feelings for Troy. Cory says to Rose, "Papa was like a shadow that followed you everywhere." Cory and Raynell compare their memories of Troy as a father. Raynell and Cory sing Troy's blues song about the old dog named Blue which Troy's father taught him originally. Troy has died in between the action of the last two scenes of the play, so the final scene presents the lasting effects of Troy's life on his loved ones. Though Troy's relationships with Bono, Rose, and Cory were ruined and broken in life, they gather together in his
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