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My Tra Dang 4849 Garson Way Maycomb, AL 34677 August 31st, 1935 Readers of Maycomb Journal 3425 Freedom Way Maycomb, Al 34677 Dear readers, I was at the courthouse yesterday to watch the trial in which Tom Robinson ended up being convicted of raping a white woman, Mayella Ewell. After seeing all of the things Atticus tried to show everyone, I simply couldn't believe my eyes that the jury could finally find Tom guilty. I have to say that I strongly disagree with the verdict, which should be reconsidered, in my opinion. I have no doubt that everyone could see through the lame an unconvincing story the Ewells made up to fool everyone. Bob Ewell clearly stated that he held with everything Mr. Heck Tate had said. And he agreed with Tate that Mayella's…show more content…
No one could possibly say Tom was the one who has beaten Mayella up. Moreover, when Atticus asked Bob to write his name down on a piece of paper, Bob used his left hand instead of the right distinctively and inconsiderably. That's again evidence against the deceitful Ewells. Bob is the one who is likely to have beaten his daughter up, not the poor Tom. The Ewells' plan was revealed transparently. In Mayella's testimony, Atticus asked her a series of questions like why no one came to help her, especially her seven siblings when she had claimed to have hollered, or whether or not Bob had beaten her up. All Mayella did was to remain silent, because their spurious story didn't add up after all and she didn't know how to answer those questions. The facts were clearly showed: no one had beaten her up but her own father. So when they announced the verdict, I was so shocked that I was nearly knocked of the chair. How could it be so? How could they convict Tom when Atticus had shown everyone that he was absolutely innocent? That was so unfair. They couldn't convict Tom because of his color, which he couldn't do anything about and let that evil and dirty Ewells live

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