Examples Of Ldquo In The Odyssey

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Cicones-72 men died “Arrayed in battle order, they attacked/ alongside our swift ships; with bonze tip shafts, / both we and they struck hard” Lotus Eaters “Those three who feasted on the honey-sweet, / enticing lotus fruit had had not the least/ desire to bring back word or soon return/ at all: they wanted only to stay there,” Cyclops- 6 men killed “I asked my comrades to cast lots to see/ which men would dare to lift that stake with me/ and grind it into the great Cyclops’ eye” Aeolus “Into that sack he stuffed the howling winds/ of every sort of course: for Aeolus-/ so Zeus had said-was warden of the winds” Laestrygonians-only Odysseus’s

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