Examples Of Juxtaposition In The Crucible

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ABIGAIL Has no sense of belonging. Abigail doesn’t have an experience with home and family, her uncle speaks to her as if she is a burden, with no family to belong to she has no foundation to understand belonging. She then tries to belong to John Proctor as she tries to desperately belong to anything or anyone. John believes he does not belong to her and she does not belong to him and Abigail tries to get revenge, with this revenge came power and status in society. She finds a sense of belonging to a place – the court room. She is dependent on status for her sense of belonging, but has no real sense of belonging. She influences and manipulates fragile characters like Mary Warren who’s sense of belonging is dependent on fear. - Juxtaposition – highlights the differences between Abigail and Elizabeth – selfishness and selflessness. - Elizabeth’s character idiom highlights the juxtaposition between her and Abigail. - Barriers of fear and greed – Abigail creates barriers to belonging and Mary…show more content…
I have no tongue for it’ – he represents his values that he believes he needs in order to be true to himself. - Proctor has a connection to the land - - Connection to place sometimes come at the expense of people – negative connotation - Light motif – symbolises belonging throughout the play ‘fireplace’ in john proctor and Elizabeth’s home. - Elizabeth tells Danforth that John is not a lecher – dramatic irony to highlight the connection between the two as she would never lie. “such a woman that never lied, and cannot” - Proctor turns Danforths symbolism of the crucible “we burn a hot fire here” against himself as he turns himself in to death by not giving into his integrity “a fire, a fire is burning” he stays true to his conscience. - Barriers – lack of faith in self, guilt – guilt for proctor feels bad for doing the do and Elizabeth feels bad for being salty towards
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