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Interview Project Summaries Mitchell Martin Liberty University November 25, 2012 Interview Project Summaries Children of all ages are fascinating to talk to for a variety of reasons. You never know how they will respond to your questions. Their point of view will come at you, the teacher, from many directions. As educators it can be considered part of our duty to understand how children cognitively, socially, and morally develop (Slavin, 2009) in order to most accurately serve their developmental needs. I interviewed four children, a preschooler, a fourth grader, a 7th grader, and a 12th grader, and attempted to investigate how their responses from my open-ended questions reflected information relative to their age groups. The questions that I asked were “Why is Money Important?” “Why should we be healthy?”, What is your most important feeling?”, “What is your most important possession?”, and “How do you show respect to others?” For this portion, I interviewed a four-year old…show more content…
I thought his answers were extremely thoughtful and had depth to them. I was fascinated by the importance of money as regulating what we can get and what we cannot. Things are valued based on money and we can get some things and not others. He knows that being healthy is better for you body but also knows that it is a personal choice, gives you confidence and can help you with the opposite sex. After he asked me to elaborate on the most important feeling question, these answers were fairly simple but went somewhere. The response to his most important possession took me by surprise. It was not because he did not mention parents or his brother. The pictures of his girl friend were tangible and intangible at the same time. I see that he is trying to find his own identify, form his own opinions, and start to grow into
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