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A Thin Line: Insanity4/28/09 I. Introduction A. What exactly to people call crazy B. Define: Sane C. Define: Insane D. Thesis Statement http://en.thinkexist.com/quotation/sometimes_its_to_your_advantage_for_people_to/250446.html II. Conflicts A. Interpersonal B. Man vs. Man C. Man vs. Machine http://www.brightquotes.com/negotiat.html III. Abuse A. Domestic B. Mental C. Emotional D. Physical IV. Violence A. Physical Fighting B. Vandalism V. Conclusion A. Summary of Thesis B. Challenge reader with a solution C. Make a prediction to reader. VI. Works Cited Page What exactly do people call crazy? “Sometimes it’s to your advantage for people tot think that you’re crazy.”- Thelonius Monk (American…show more content…
That is what’s called effective conflict resolution. “If you can find something that everyone agrees on, something’s wrong.”-Mo Udall. This statement means that if there were something that everyone has no disagreements towards, then there is a problem because there’s always going to be a small conflict to keep natural daily balance in life. Now, the effective conflict resolution is simply to avoid conflicting with others when others want to conflict. Example, walking away is braver than mouthing off. (This is something I can’t seem to do.). Violence involving calmness means that you have to avoid violence by trying not to be influenced by confliction towards you and others. Three common factors of sanity are peacefulness, joyfulness, and spiritually bound. “No matter what side you are on, you always find someone on your side who wishes that they were on the other.”- Jascha…show more content…
It can come from illegal drug dealing, gang violence and also parental and adult influence. There has been a physically challenged influence on this as well. If someone has been injured and have to have something replaced in their bodies by steel or micro bone, then that could also be considered as a domestic weapon against someone. Vandalism is malicious. When a person becomes a malcontent, it is an influence that causes the destruction of someone else’s personal belongings or property. Who does this: Vandals, gang members, & other people who believe they have a logical reason to blatantly disrespect someone else’s property; not only those people, but the people who are not responsible for their actions and are disrespectful in any kind of manner. It is a show of peculiar personality. In conclusion, how I feel about this is showing others that I do care. My thesis basically explained that we all cross the line of insanity during the course of each day. What we should all try to do the next time is: When we are confronted with insanity and conflict we should remember to hold our peace, keep our distance, stay positive, and try to provide a resolution. I believe that if we all work on things that with our inner-selves, we will succeed in life as better people and become better and better each

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