Examples Of Individuality In Antigone

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English 1302 WS7 05 April 2010 Individuality and the Law Today there are many laws that are written for the people of the United States. Within these laws are issues that some may find morally unjust, and not want to follow. In Sophocles’ play Antigone, written in 441 B.C.E., these same issues existed. Antigone felt that even though she was breaking the law to bury her brother she had a religious right to uphold. To her, the religious laws were more important than the governmental laws she was being asked to follow. Antigone and Creon would never see eye to eye on which law ultimately should be followed because of their own individuality. While Antigone had to pay the price for disobeying the governmental law, she ultimately had the right to give her brother a proper burial. One of the main themes in the play Antigone is Civil Disobedience. Often society has laws that individuals feel are immoral, or unjust. Antigone decided to bury Polynices, for she was…show more content…
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