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Immigration Reform Immigration reform, whom has it not affected? If one is an immigrant or related to an immigrant, immigration reform has affected them and their family. Immigration reform is a good idea because there are great deals of good hard working people in the country that are illegal immigrants. These people come to the United States to make a better life for themselves and their families. Many immigrant come to the United States to give their children a chance to go to a college of University. When the children grow up educated they in turn help the government by being strong contributors to the government's finances, with their taxes exceeding the government's costs for immigration reform (Hurt, 2006). Most of them like the people…show more content…
He came to the United States when he was only 16 years old with only the cloths on his back. Two days after he was in California, he acquired a job at a golf course in Palos Verde California. He worked at this golf course for a couple of years until he went to his next job, which was in construction. He started from the bottom at this company and by the time he retired, he was a supervisor with people working for him. My father has been here in the United States for over 41 years and has never applied for any kind of government help like welfare or been a burden to the government. Another example of immigrants coming to better there life are my wife’s aunts. They are all from Mexico and have been here several years working. Most of them have been able to get their resident card and some have even became citizens, but one of them has not been able to do any of this because she missed the last amnesty. She is a very hard worker, holding up to three jobs at times. She is a very smart woman but because of her status, she has not been able to get a good job that will help her make enough income to support herself. If this immigration reform bill passes, an enormous amount of people will benefit. Even though the government will charge $10,000 fines and $3,500 fees for temporary work visas (Gibbs, 2007), I am positive most immigrants will be willing to pay. Some of…show more content…
One example is the March raid of a Massachusetts factory, in which agents swept up undocumented workers and shipped the to detention facilities leaving their children stranded at school and a baby, cut off from a nursing mother, and later having to be hospitalized for dehydration (Gibbs, 2007). . President Bush says, “There are five objectives that need to be met to have a comprehensive immigration reform”. These five objectives are securing the border, creating a temporary worker program, holding employers accountable for the workers they hire, resolving the status of millions of illegal immigrants already in the country, and finding new ways to help newcomer assimilate into our society (The White House President George W. Bush, 2007). I truly agree with the president on this

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