Examples Of Honesty In The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby Matt Givens 10/28/11 Prompt 1 “I am one of the few honest people that I have ever known”. What does this quote mean to you? To me it indicates a sort of slight arrogance and almost seems to cancel itself out; saying that you yourself are an honest person means that you believe your are but is does not necessarily mean that you are perceived that way by everyone else. Everyone has their own lens to look through and the biases that come with that. This quote comes from the narrator Nick Carraway towards the beginning of the book. Throughout the book Nick does seem pretty honest. Of course, as readers we must keep in mind the fact that we are only getting Nick’s perspective and therefore have nothing to compare it…show more content…
Her eye-brows had been plucked and then drawn on again at a more rakish angle, but the efforts of nature toward the restoration of the old alignment gave a blurred air to her face”(Fitzgerald 34). In this description of Mrs. Wilson’s sister Catherine in chapter two, Nick describes her eyebrows. This is a great example of the sort of depth that Nick goes to when he introduces characters or objects he deems important. It also shows us what stands out to him at first glance. It cannot get much more honest than that. Narrators often describe people or things in a well rounded sense, they go over details equally to present a neutral point of view but the fact that Nick describes things on first glance and speaks about the things that stick out to him shows much more honesty than someone who is trying to be neutral and shows it. It also goes back to the concept of honesty, Nick describes whatever stands out to him. That, in and of itself is an honest idea, is seems like he does not sensor what he sees, he just spills it out to us. Another example of Nick’s honesty is his attention to detail. For example in chapter 2 Nick describes Tom Buchanan and Mrs. Wilsons secret apartment; “The apartment was on the top floor — a small living-room, a small dining-room, a small bedroom, and a bath.

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