Examples Of Heroism In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Salah Alharbi - RW 4 - Essay 2 Hero People like to be heroes and for this purpose they choose some characters or figures to be their example in life. Usually, these characters come from history and sometimes these are inspired from contemporary people. However, the hero is a person who has good ideas or a person who did amazing thing for the people. For example, he helps the poor people or the oppressed people. Actually. The world needs many people to be voices of justice, voice of freedom. In To Kill Mockingbird, there are many voices of them. Atticus is one of these voices that tried to make change in Maycomb by several ways. The first way that Atticus uses is teaching his children. Atticus tries to explain to them that people are equal and he always strives to make Jem and Scout understand that. For example, when Scout fights other students at school, Atticus said there is no fighting any more. Scout told him that the boy said some bad word to Atticus, because he defends Tom. Furthermore, when Alexandra said we do not need Cal any more, but Atticus gets angry and told Alexandra that Cal is one of the family. Also, he said that she do not leave the house. In these examples Atticus is very strict about prejudice to black people. Scout and Jem have heard their father when he told aunt Alexandra about Cal. Therefore,…show more content…
Atticus defends Tom even when he was sure that the people and jury will say Tom is guilty. Because he knows his community and the prejudice there. Atticus, by taking this case, wanted to make the people rethink about the human rights. Atticus is courageous in this case because he stand facing most the people in Maycomb. Also, he faced some obstacles for this case. For example,Bob told Atticus if he does not stop the trial, he will kill him. Atticus does not care about all of these because he does not only believes in Tom's case, but also believes in justice and human

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