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Healthcare Manifesto There is a huge issue in Canada today that must be addressed before the inevitable decline of our beloved country. The topic that needs to be discussed is the Canadian health care system. After the Canada Health Act was passed in 1984 Canadians have been enjoying “free” health care and this need to end now! The Canada Health Act states “that continued access to quality health care without financial or other barriers will be critical to maintaining and improving the health and well-being of Canadians”. Is this true? Maybe, however the toll on the country itself I believe is far too great! Canadian health care may sound good on the outside but the growing demands of Canadians are financially crippling this great nation. In 2009 Canada spent an estimated $183.1 billion on healthcare…show more content…
This outrageous amount of money could be and should be spent in a much more efficient way. The Canadian Health Act was introduced to Canada in 1984 and it allows every single Canadian access to free healthcare regardless of any financial barriers. I believe everything we get should be earned and we cannot continue to let the Canadian government throw away our hard earned money for small incidents and unnecessary check-ups. Nobody likes to pay for something that does not, in some way, benefit them. Essentially they are forcing us to do just that. We Canadian tax-payers are financially supporting people who should be supporting themselves and we have zero say in the matter. The Canadian Healthcare system needs to be abolished and re-built to fit the needs of all Canadians. Here are the necessary actions that need to take place in order for all Canadians to benefit
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