Examples of Hazards in Kent Essay

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7th November, 2014 Local Hazards Maidstone River flooding- River Medway flooding, (Dec 2013- Jan 2014) * Said to be the worst flooding in the area for more than 100 years * Homes in Yalding were evacuated on boxing day due to rising water levels * Thousands left without power on Christmas day, 4,869 homes still without power on boxing day * Kent fire and rescue service called off their planned strike due to the incident * Coastguard teams and four water rescue teams were drafted in * 80 people were rescued from a caravan park in Yalding after 2ft of water flooded caravans * Flooding spread across Maidstone town centre, flooding right along high street as well as A229 closures, and the bridge system was closed over Christmas day. Storms (Depressions)- tail end of hurricane Gonzalo * Firstly affected Bermuda, brought over by jet stream of low pressure * Brought hurricane force winds up to 75mph * Heavy rain in Maidstone * Medium flood warning implemented Snow- 2010 snow storm * Caused much disruption, with an average of 3 days off school for secondary schools in and around the Maidstone area. * Caused south-eastern train disruption, such as London to Ashford via Maidstone * Overnight temperatures plummeted to -7C * More than 100 schools closed * Continuous snowfall in Maidstone for 14 hours Kent Storm- ‘The great storm’, 1987 * 22 people died, 4 deaths in Kent * 6/7 oak trees in Sevenoaks were destroyed * Several lorries overturned on the M2 * Said to be the worst storm in 300 years * Winds widely gusting excess of 80mph in Kent (highest 122mph in Norfolk) * 15 million trees blown down * 4 million cubic metres of timber Drought- February 2012 * Worst drought in 30 years * Following dry winter and autumn * Hose pipe ban in place in most of Kent in

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