Examples Of Good And Evil In Beowulf

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In the land of Denmark, Beowulf is a true hero in the eyes of the Danes, yet a “Monster” to Grendel and his mother. In all situations, good vs. evil exists. However, the perception of good and/or evil is in the eye of the beholder. For example, king Hrothgra is a well-respected leader held in the highest regards of the people of Heorot. Sadly, Opposing king Hrothgra’s goodness is the horrible swamp dwelling, demonic Monster, named Grendel who terrorizes and kills innocent Danes for simply enjoying themselves and having a good time. Beowulf, a young and mighty Geatish warrior, who also represents courage, honesty, and morality comes to the aid of the king. After gaining support of the Danes, Beowulf, without any armor, defeats Grendel, the

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