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Whitney Comp 2 31 March 2012 Explication of “The Raven” “The Raven” is a poem written by Edgar Allan Poe in the mid 1800s. The poem was written about a man having difficulties dealing with the death of his lover, Lenore. “The Raven”, is a mysterious poem that has a cold setting, symbols, auditory imagery, unusual rhyming style, and a calm but weird mood. Through the eighteen stanzas, the first stanza sets the scene. It is a late December night the last moment of the final month of the year, and the weather is depressing. The narrator is home alone reading a book next to the fire, attempting to be at peace about his lovers death. Edgar Allan Poe then is separated by two personalities in his works of “The Raven.” There was a man of terror and dark crimes, and then there was man of loyalty and devotion. The raven that referred to his memories of…show more content…
The first line of each stanza has internal rhyming, which rhymes inside the same line. This poem is written in 16 syllables per line, and Poe only has seven syllables in each of the lines. The unusual rhyming style of “The Raven” sets the poem on a different level than other poetry. The mood of this poem is calm, yet dark, sad, angry, depressing, and lonely. Poe’s words themselves give the poem its mood. In the beginning, the narrator has hope because he believed that the raven was the one he loved but that hope has turned into anger when the raven kept repeating “Nevermore.” Poe was a master of choosing words that created mood. The scary and weird feeling of this poem makes Poe look like a cheaper! This mysterious poem is among the best-known poems in the national literature. The setting, the symbols of the incredible flow of art and the auditory imagery of the melancholy ideas all make up a different level than classical poetry. Poe has put a good challenge into readers mind in the poem “The Raven.”

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